Sunday, September 18, 2011


Our local shelter, Lakeshore Humane Society, is not taking in stray(lost) cats or dogs or owner surrenders unless they are delivered by the police. That means if you or I find a lost dog or cat and drive to the Humane Society to drop it off, they will refuse to take the stray animal and tell you to call the police.

Say, what? Are you serious? Since when did this policy go into effect? According to the Humane Society's employees, they cannot take in strays because that is how the cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers want it. Really? I don't think so, and I don't think you are functioning as a non-profit anymore, Lakeshore Humane Society . Aren't you supposed to be doing something for the community you serve in order to qualify as a non-profit? You are contracted as the city pound in addition to being the Humane Society, right? You lost the county contract because of your bizarre policies, and now you're about to lose the contract with the two major cities you serve. Are you nuts? Are you really just interested in the money involved in all of this. Have you completely lost track of what your mission is?

Let me remind you, you're the Humane Society. You are where dogs, cats, and all sorts of critters go if they don't have a home. You're the local homeless shelter for animals. But right now, you are just a place that no one wants to go to anymore. You treat your volunteers with disrespect, actually refusing to let them volunteer. Who in the world tells volunteers they cannot volunteer? Am I missing something here? No, I'm not.

I mean your reputation already sucks. But you don't need to damage it any further. You need to work with the city, and you need to work with the community. Including Free Roamers! Take the cork outta your rear end and start caring about the animals instead of whatever small power trip you are on. Talk about a board that cannot function, this one takes the cake! A complete makeover is long overdue!

Annual elections for this board are coming up in October. October 18th to be exact. If you have been a member of the Humane Society for 60 days prior to the election, then you can vote. I really think you all need to get out and vote on this. Animal's lives as well as community relationships are at stake here.

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