Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Water Bowl

Frozen drinks are great, aren’t they?  Everyone enjoys a smoothie or a margarita every once in a while, right?  Well, if you live in a cold climate like Wisconsin, the feral cats in your area may be having too many frozen drinks during the winter months, meaning they may not have sufficient access to the water they need to live.
You can ensure the critters that live outside in your community have access to unfrozen water by purchasing a heated water dish online or in a local pet store.  I purchased mine from Revival and I’m glad I did.  Using the dish, I know the feral cat I care for and love always has water to drink no matter what the temperature is outside.  Of course, I have to check the water level more often than I do with a non-heated bowl because water evaporates faster when heated.

Here in Manitowoc county, there is no program in place to control the population of cats that live outdoors.  None of the county’s municipalities will pick up feral cats, either.  Whether you live in Manitowoc or not, there are probably feral cats living in your community, animals that need help to survive.
If you think about one way you can help the animals in your area this winter, think about giving them access to water.  Investing in a heated water bowl will enable the animals in your locale to have the water they need to live.

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