Friday, August 5, 2011

Punching, Punching a Dog

"On 7-18-2011 at 7:57 a.m., I heard a dog yelping. I looked outside my window located at 814 Madison Street to see a man kicking and stomping with his right foot on a dog’s head. My window is ten feet away from where the man was standing. The man had one dog on a leash and another dog off leash. He stomped on the dog’s head 3 times, and kicked the dog’s head twice. He then placed his knee on the dog’s side and began punching the dog in the head with his closed right-hand fist. He punched the dog in the head 6 times. I called 911 at 7:59. The man then began walking east on Madison Street.
The man approached the 8th and Madison intersection. He began punching the dog in the head again with his closed right-hand fist. I opened my door, ran outside and witnessed the dog yelping in pain again. The man pulled up violently on the dog’s collar, lifting the dog off the ground. I yelled at the man.
The man continued to walk east, while I gave his description to the 911 operator. Police arrived and located the man.
I spoke to the officer trainer and told him exactly what I had seen. The officer informed me the man was attempting to discipline his dog. I informed the officer that, in my opinion, it was clearly animal abuse. The officer said that since there was no blood and the animals looked like they have been taken care of, there was nothing he could do. I informed the officer that one of the dogs was not on a leash which is a breach of city ordinance.

The man has short, light brown hair and a slim build. He wore glasses, black shorts, a white tank top, black sandals, and no socks."

The following report was filed with the Manitowoc Police Department. As of this date, nothing has been done by either the police or the humane society. The individual who committed the abuse still owns this dog, and others. We would not tolerate this man’s behavior if he beat an animal in a zoo, but our society doesn’t consider abusing a pet much of a crime. Animal abuse gets a slap on the wrist in Wisconsin. Manitowoc Municipal Code 14.020(15) states: "No person shall overdrive, overload, maim, wound, torture, torment, cruelly beat or kill any such animal or, being the owner or having the care or charge of any such animal, fail to provide necessary food, water, or shelter for any such animal."

This really makes me angry and there is nothing I can do about it. So I will pray. That, at least, is in my control. I would ask you to pray as well. Pray for this state, pray for the people and pray for the animals. Things are not getting any better around here. Hopefully, and if charges are filed, I can give you an update on this incident. I am sure there are brighter people out there than me who know what to do about this. If I had room in my house I would pay this guy for his dogs. I know where he lives...


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